Here’s the much-awaited Harley LiveWire electric motorbike. Just look at that giant battery slung under the motor. Reviewer Monique Lisa (Weekend Australian 20-21 July 2019) raved about it. She says ‘light and agile … corners perfectly … you feel indestructible and safe’. But … it’s ‘completely silent’. Hard to imagine Kazoom’s petrol-head Harry giving up his howling hog. As the Harley Australia website boasts, ‘The loudest sound you hear will be your heart beating’. Lisa imagines the customer ‘wearing chinos and Italian leather … one of those hot geeky guys that earns way too much money’. He’ll need the money! The Harley LiveWire electric motorbike  will probably cost about $45K in Australia. I reckon 45K would take you around the world ten times on the Super Soco ‘share’ electric motorbike from in Prague.

Harley LiveWire electric motorbikeHarry on his Harley Sportster