Solutions to the puzzles in Kazoom book

Finding letters

On the page that features Freddie and his Fireblade, there are seven different words starting with ‘f’.
They are: Freddie; Fireblade; funky; fast; fun; farts; fly.

Complete this limerick

The limerick can be completed using the word ‘Harley’.

There is an old biker named Charley
who drinks water flavoured with barley.
He feels really proud
his bike is so loud.
Of course it’s a big purple Harley.

Make up your own limerick

This limerick needs to mention a bike that rhymes with ‘Topper’. A good word is ‘Chopper’. There are many ways to write the missing lines. Here is one way.

My very good friend Tilly Topper
loves riding around on her Chopper.
She beats all the guys
who get a surprise.
They thought she was so prim and proper.

Find the animals and birds

Here are the pages on which you can find the animals and birds:

galah (Andy’s page); guard dog (Bronte); six kangaroos (Eddie); fifteen fowls (Harry); bird (Jacko); spider (Nigel); mouse (Nigel); another mouse (Pedro); four cows (Quentin); Corgi dog (Quentin); shaggy dog (Vic); too many bees to count (Xing-Xing); frog (Xing-Xing); chicken (the final page where Freddie gets the cup).


How many riders in the book are wearing goggles or glasses?

There are eight (8) riders wearing goggles or glasses …
Andy, Jacko and Ricky are wearing goggles. (Three people)
Eddie, Gina, Harry, Lester and Sergeant Snyder are wearing glasses. (Five people)

There are five other people wearing goggles or glasses …
Aunt Annie (Andy’s pillion passenger) is wearing goggles.
Dad (cooking the barbecue on Ollie’s page), Granny (in Willy’s sidecar) and both the Mayor and the photographer on the final cartoon page are all wearing glasses.

How many bikes have their headlights turned on?
There are sixteen (16) bikes that have their headlights turned on. Here is a list of their riders:

Andy; Bronte; Dazza; Eddie; Freddie; Harry; Katie; Matt; Ollie; Pedro; Ricky; Una; Vic; Willy; Xing-xing; Yannick. (Freddie’s bike appears three different times with its headlight on, and once with its headlight turned off.)

How many times does the race poster appear in the book?
The race poster appears nine (9) times. It is on the title page and also on the pages featuring Charlie, Dazza, Gina, Izumi, Lester, Nigel, Pedro and Quentin.

How many bikes are red or a colour like red?
The bikes that are red (or a colour like red) belong to Andy, Charlie, Dazza, Freddie, Izumi and Lester. Katie’s bike is orange; Matt’s bike has a bit of red on it; Pedro’s scooter is pink; Tony’s bike is maroon; Willy’s bike has a red stripe on it.

How many riders are female?
There are eight (8) female riders. They are Bronte, Charlie, Gina, Izumi, Katie, Quentin, Una and Xing-xing. Two other females are Aunt Annie (Andy’s pillion passenger) and Granny (riding in Willy’s sidecar).

How many bikes are standing still?
There are ten (10) bikes that are standing still. They belong to Charlie, Dazza, Gina, Izumi, Lester, Nigel, Ollie, Quentin and Sergeant Snyder, as well as Freddie’s bike on the final cartoon page. Maybe Vic’s bike is standing still too, trapped by the sticky dog’s vomit!

Spot the differences

There are eight (8) differences between the two ‘Ricky’ pages.

In the picture on the right …

  1. There is a spoke missing from the ship’s steering wheel.
  2. The time on the clock is different.
  3. The carrot is facing in the opposite direction.
  4. The deodorant in the toilet bowl is a different colour.
  5. There is a plug in the sink.
  6. There is green liquid in the blender.
  7. The fork has only three prongs.
  8. There is a small piece of blue material missing on the ground behind Ricky’s bottom.

Can you help?

You were asked to help Lucy, Ali, Dave, Veena and Oscar to choose a bike to buy. There is not just one correct answer for each of them. Here are some answers. See whether you agree.

Lucy rides all day long on a super-smooth highway.
Some good bikes for Lucy would be: Beemer; Chopper; Guzzi; Spyder; Vulcan

Ali rides to work in the city and wants to use as little petrol as possible.
Some good bikes for Ali would be: Piaggio; Xingfu

Dave scrambles through the bush, up hills and through creeks.
Some good bikes for Dave would be: Jawa; MadAss

Veena wants to enter her bike in a competition for old motorcycles.
Some good bikes for Veena would be: Agusta; Duke; Indian; Laverda; Norton; Orion; Triumph; Ural; WLA;

Oscar wants all his mates to think he’s really cool.
Some good bikes for Oscar would be: Chopper; Fireblade; Harley Sportster; Kwaka; MadAss; Yammy;

Can you find?

Here is where you can find these things:

Alarm clock … on Ricky’s page
Pram … on Matt’s page
Two windmills … one on Andy’s page and one on Sergeant Snyder’s page
Lock and chain … on Harry’s page
Xylophone … on Xin-xing’s page
Paint brush … on Sergeant Snyder’s page
Mushroom … on Ollie’s page
Fire hydrant … on Dazza’s page